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Possible future of transitmount and todo-list

I've thrown out here misc ideas about enhancements.

Update with v0.5: I think caching volume management is a different feature. It will probably go into a different project. Transitmount will remain a program that allows easy access to partitions and partition-like devices.

Possible future of transitmount

Initially, transitmount aimed at simply making transitting hard disk available.

transitmount may be extended in the following design: you can access a volume by its referer label whatever the way it is currently accessible. For example, a CD-Rom volume may be currently accessible via your CD-Rom drive, your CD-burner drive, or as an image somewhere on your hard disk or somewhere on the network. If a program needs it, it only has to look in /mnt/transit/volumename.

It seems that up to now, the trend was to ignore volumes and focus on files instead. The Internet seems to work this way. Still, your personal collection of CD-Rom, and iso images you find on the internet (Linux distributions, for example) are volumes.

Other collections of files and resources that are not, technically speaking, volumes, but conceptually, are considered as a whole and may be accessed locally from a drive or on the net, may benefit from this way of thinking. For example, when your laptop is connected to the net, if might be most convenient to access most resources via network, whereas when you're far from the network, you want to access them transparently as easily and without always the same manipulations. The system would ask for a volume (insert the proper CD-Rom) if it isn't already available without your intervention.

Perhaps other solutions are better.

If you have any comments, please e-mail me: gouri at amphi-gouri dot org .



As you see, there are many ideas, but not much time to make them real. If you feel you can contribute, e-mail me! <gouri whose email is hosted at>

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